Joss Hoffman

Hi, I’m Josh! I’m obsessed with rolling around on the floor and I am constantly searching for new ways to do so! My background begins with Breaking, with some experience in Hip Hop, House and Popping. I learnt Contemporary and Ballet techniques with Swindon Dance and went on to study at National Centre For Circus Arts afterwards.
I’m captivated by the flow state and how the transitions between shapes particularly on the floor can induce this state. For me Contemporary and Breaking complete one another. Im inspired when two separate different things come together and find something new, this lead me to go to study circus and begin my research into discovering how my body reacts to new stimulus: Juggling, Chinese Pole, Theatre, Clowning, Props, Art and Live Music.
Dance can be serious, for me but its also playful! I’m currently looking into finding more playfulness in my movement and finding my inner Clown and ability to tell stories and create narratives through movement. I wish to bring more people together through laughter and silliness!

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