The Reverse Pitch 2024

Swindon Dance – enriching lives through dance


Are you ready to dive into a world where young minds shape the future of art?
Brace yourselves for an exhilarating journey as we present to you, Reverse Pitch 2024!
This extraordinary red carpet event, that took place on 23rd February at the Court Theatre, Swindon Dance, was the epitome of creativity, innovation, and collaboration, tailored specifically for the young generation aged 14 to 20.

Unveiling a New Artistic Choice
At Reverse Pitch 2024, the spotlight was on the artists, with the audience holding the reins.
Imagine being one of 4 talented young choreographers, each armed with a 20-minute slot to captivate the audience of young people aged 14-20 with their ingenious pitches. The mediums of expression were boundless – from live performances that left the audience spellbound, to thought-provoking talks that challenged conventions, and cinematic marvels that transported people to another realm. It was a celebration of art in its myriad forms.

But here was a twist –

Empowering young Voices
– it was the young people that held the power to make a difference.
After all the artists had presented their visions, it was the turn of the audience to be the judge. They cast their vote for the pitch that resonated the most with them. This wasn’t just about appreciation; it was the vote of these young people that determined who would receive a £2,000 commission to bring their vision to life. The audiences voice was the catalyst for change in the art world!

The evening has ended, the Ferrero Roche and macaroons have been eaten and the red carpet has been rolled up for another time



The votes have been counted
the winner is …
📢 Orla Hardie 📢

Many congratulations to Orla Hardie for her winning pitch which was selected by an audience, exclusively made up of 14-20 year olds from our community dance classes. Orla will receive a £2,000 commission, complimentary studio space, marketing wizardry, and priceless mentoring from Swindon Dance experts to bring her artistic vision to life.
We would also like to extend a big thank you to the following people for their support on the night which helped make this such a special event, Jenny Jefferies, Clare Fantini-Stephens, Catarina Britto and Banxy.