Staff and Board

enriching lives through dance


Viv Slayford – Artistic Director


Clare Fantini-Stephens – Marketing & Communications Officer

Lucy Coogan – Marketing;
Centre for Advanced Training and 
Education & Development

Klaudia Franczyk-Zabicka – Finance Officer



Cathy Downes – Programme Manager; Operations

Lynn Caney – Reception Manager

Caterina Britto – Receptionist

Hanna Cadell – Receptionist


Raymond Clarke – Facilities Coordinator


Sarah Fletcher – Programme Manager; Education & Development

Currently vacant – Coordinator; Education & Development

Carrie Barton-Fox –
Local Coordinator; Education & Development


Katie Purcell – Programme Manager; 
Centre for Advanced Training

Claire Kent – Finance Officer; 
Centre for Advanced Training

Lucy Coogan – Administrator; 
Centre for Advanced Training

Claire Brown – Assistant Manager; 
Centre of Advanced Training.


Geni Lou –
Strategic Manager; Centre for Advanced Training (Street Dance Programme)


Anna Watkins – Coordinator; 
Centre for Advanced Training (Swindon)

Catherine Lee – Coordinator; 
Centre for Advanced Training (Exeter)

Charlene Smith – Student Liaison; 
Centre for Advanced Training (Street Dance)

Freya Harris – Assistant Coordinator; 
Centre for Advanced Training (Swindon)
Catherine Lee – Programme Manager; Pre-vocational Training Programme

Banxy –
Pre-vocational Training Programme

Cheryl Heuston  – Tutor;
Pre-vocational Training Programme

Clara Bajado  – Tutor;
Pre-vocational Training Programme


Fred Folkes  –
Pre-vocational Training Programme

James Muller  – Tutor;
Pre-vocational Training Programme

Charlene Smith – Student Liaison;
Pre-vocational Training Programme

Jo Wilson –
Course Leader; Diploma Dance Pedagogy


Board of Trustees

  • Rob Jandy (Chair)
  • Vicky Drew  (Vice Chair)
  • Sharlene Kelly (Treasurer)
  • Allison Preece
  • Bevan Pont
  • Gaylene Butler
  • Pearl Jordan
  • Victor Fung
  • Robert Bridger (Board sub-group)
  • Richard Chappell (Board sub-group)

Regular Teachers

  • Banxy (Education & Development and Centre for Advanced Training)
  • Carrie Barton-Fox (Education & Development)
  • Charlotte Eatock (Centre for Advanced Training)
  • Claudia Albornoz (Education & Development)
  • Emily Brown (Education & Development)
  • Emma Carter (Education & Development)
  • Jemma Turland (Education & Development)
  • Jules Hill (Creative Collective via Education & Development)
  • Kimmy Brewser (Education & Development)
  • Liam Wallace (Education & Development)
  • Megan Howe (Education & Development)
  • Maryam Pourian (Centre for Advanced Training)
  • Patsy Golding (Creative Collective via Education & Development)
  • Robert Hylton (Centre for Advanced Training)
  • Sarah Josh (Education & Development and Centre for Advanced Training)
  • Tammy Spalding (Education & Development)
  • Tanya Reilly (Education & Development)
  • Zoe Humphries (Education & Development)

Teacher Assistance

  • Phoebe Williams (Education & Development and Centre for Advanced Training)
  • Macy Morris (Education & Development)

Regular Musicians

  • Bevan Pont (Centre for Advanced Training)
  • Emma Holbrook (Centre for Advanced Training)
  • Kieran Pocock (Education & Development)
  • Peter Haime (Education & Development)