About Us

Swindon Dance – enriching people’s lives through the art of dance. 

Our vision is

To develop a thriving local ecology of dance that will enrich the lives of both individuals and communities alike, to inspire future generations of world class dancers, artists and choreographers.


Our mission is

To offer a programme of dance activities delivered by high-calibre artists alongside opportunities to see inspirational dance, that will enable ALL people from within the local community to engage with art right to the top level.

To create an all-inclusive environment, where everyone regardless of age, creed, gender or background is treated fairly, is listened to and has access to high quality & creative dance experiences.

To support our young talented and professional dance artists through specialist coaching and innovative projects. To create a safe environment where they can experiment, develop their own artistic voice and in-turn feed tomorrow’s evolving art-form.

Can you describe Swindon Dance in one word?

Each year 1000’s of people of all ages and abilities take part in our comprehensive range of quality classes, projects, events, and performances. We provide opportunities to learn how to create and perform dance. We take dance into schools and out into the community.

For many it is a social and fun way to improve their health and well-being whilst for others, it is the first stage of an enriching life-long career leading the changing face of the UK’s evolving dance ecology.


We believe that

  • Dance can & does stimulate people, developing self-esteem, confidence and the belief to realise their dreams;
  • Everyone regardless of age, creed, gender or background is entitled to access excellence in dance;
  • It is through opportunities to participate in, and see inspirational high-quality dance that people will enjoy the richness of art and culture in their lives;
  • Taking dance out into the community and actively seeking out areas of disadvantage is integral to developing a strong community dance ecology the enriches peoples’ lives;
  • It is vital to nurture and support local, regional and national artists who are starting out in their professional career, looking to further develop their careers or are changing the focus of an established career if the country is to have a thriving dance ecology;
  • By delivering a programme that gives everyone access to exceptionally high-quality and creative dance experiences and the impact of seeing and participating in such innovative dance that communities are transformed.

“As a non-dancer, I did my first ballet class at 47. You don’t have to be three years old to start. Age, size or shape don’t matter; anyone can come along. that’s what’s so special about Swindon Dance.” 

Community user of Swindon Dance

“It was wonderful for Ethan to access a group that catered for his abilities. Inclusive groups like the Salto Dance project are very rare, so hugely appreciated” 

Feedback from a parent of a child with learning difficulties

 “Swindon Dance has been pivotal in the development of SAPAC they are genuinely interested in developing the cultural scene in Swindon this includes the diverse cultural offering. We share the vision of putting Swindon on the cultural map in the South West. Our partnership is mutual, professional and reassuring” 

Indu Sharma; Deputy Chair SAPAC

Swindon Dance is committed to safeguarding children and young people. If you would like to know more about or view our policies and procedures please contact us on 01793 601700 / info@swindondance.org.uk

Swindon Dance is a charity and not for profit organisation. It is a National Portfolio Organisation, funded by Arts Council England and is supported by Swindon Borough Council.