Associate Artists & Companies

The Associate Artists and Companies Programme aims to support graduates, emerging practitioners or mid-career artists from any genre or location who want to find time and space to grow their work, their practice or their company without the pressures of having to produce a finished choreographic work.

Associate Artists receive support and access to the studio’s resources for a year.

Applicants are invited from graduates, emerging practitioners and mid-career artists or companies.

The programme works to benefit, inform and add value to the participants practice and it is hoped that they will go on to become longer-term associates of Swindon Dance.

The scheme commences from 1st April each year.

The offer:

    • commission of £1,000;
    • use of studio space at Swindon Dance to R&D work;
    • mentoring;
    • platform and performance opportunities;
    • presentation of work in curated dance platform or other event;
    • opportunity to meet staff and become embedded in the organisation; and
    • communications and marketing support.


Our Associate Artists for 2018-19 are:

Carys Staton click here to find out more about Carys;
Renaud Wiser click here to find out more about Renaud;
Wayne Parsons click here to find out more about Wayne;
Victor Fund click here to find out more about Vi<ctor/a>;

Watch Anna Watkins in conversation with Dan Martin


Past participants – Associate Artists 2017-18:

Anna Watkins click here to find out more about Anna;
Thomasin Gulgec and Estela Merlos click here to find out more about Thom Estela;


Watch Thom and Estela in conversation with Dan Martin

Films by Dan Martin

Applications for 2019-20 will be available from autumn 2018

For further information contact the Artistic Director: email here