Sam Amos

Sam Amos is a choreographer and filmmaker based in Bristol.

Sam discovered dancing at the age of 9 – inspired by the freedom and expressive nature of Breaking, Sam dedicated life to developing a very distinct movement style for which he is known for today.

Breaking was the catalyst and outlet for his creativity, and later inspired an interest in filmmaking at the age of 19. Filmmaking offered new creative perspectives and provided an opportunity to recontextualize his movement and use it as a vehicle to explore themes, express ideas, and tell stories. Filmmaking contributed to shaping Sam’s choreographic style and work as a whole.

In 2014, Sam formed TrashDollys. TrashDollys was born out of a desire to challenge the creative and expressive possibilities of movement, collaborate with a variety of creative practitioners, and connect with wider audiences through film and performance.

Today, TrashDollys work spans film production, dance theatre, and education. The work ranges from intimate screenings, outdoor spectacles, venue takeovers to theatre shows.


Watch the TrashDollys perform Cape Alley at Bristol Harbour Festival here



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