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Currently we are piloting the programme, and will confirm soon if we would like to set up the programme formally and run for a full year. If so we hole auditions as part of the joiningn to process. The audition is your opportunity to demonstrate your potential and get to know what the CAT involves. The CAT audition is free but the form below must be completed and submitted to express your interest in joining. 


  • Swindon Ballet Programme

    Our Swindon Ballet Programme pilot scheme is running from May – August 2022. If you are interested in joining the full programme in September please register your interest here

If you have any queries about the CAT programme please do get in touch



Please read our audition FAQs regarding Swindon Ballet (pilot) Programme. If we haven’t addressed your query please don’t hesitate to contact us




Past students have progressed into full-time training at Europe’s top vocational schools and conservatoires and are now working professionally in the dance industry. 










I would not be half as confident or motivated as I am without the experience and knowledge I’ve gained from classes and friends – it has been truly invaluable

CAT Student perspective

Over four years a ‘family’ of patient, dedicated and professional teachers and support staff have changed our son from an energetic boy into a professional dancer. In addition to the requisite dancing skills they have showed him how to protect those skills, with guidance on health, fitness and training; they have rescued him from injuries and taught him to understand his limits. They have put him in the hands of first class guest choreographers, giving him permission to think creatively and transforming his confidence and they have encouraged him to push his boundaries and seize opportunities. They have given him a preview of the professional world he is entering.

Parent perspective


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