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6 Jul, 2024 19:00 - 21:30

Venue: Swindon Dance

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CAT Summer Showcase

Join us for an electrifying evening that showcases and celebrates the talents of the Swindon Dance Centre for Advanced Training.  The performance features pieces created by:

Gabriella Engdahl, James Finnemore, Tavaziva Co choreography by Bafana Matea, Isaac Bowry, FubuNation, James Cousins, Avant Garde, Vanhulle, Neon Dance, Brooke Milliner, Ella Goodwin, Jodanna Hughes, Synaet Nin, Thomas Page, Jonny Hibbs and core CAT teachers Sarah Josh, Anna Watkins, Chris Lee Wright, Sarah Ferris & Banxy

The show will also include the students own work and and a very special re-working of the Piece “Falling” which was originally choreographed by Helen Parlor and re-worked by Emily Orme who was a dancer in the original piece and a CAT Alumnus.