Orla Hardie

Below – Orla pitching her idea and work at the Reverse Pitch


This extraordinary red carpet event, took place on 23rd February at the Court Theatre, Swindon Dance, and was the epitome of creativity, innovation, and collaboration, tailored specifically for the young generation aged 14 to 20.
4 talented young choreographers, each armed with a 20-minute slot to captivate the audience of young people aged 14-20 with their ingenious pitches.


But there was a twist –


it was the young people that held the power to make a difference.


They cast their vote for the pitch that resonated the most with them.
That pitch was by Orla.


Orla will receive a £2,000 commission and join Swindon Dance as an associate on our Professional Artists Programme for 2-years.


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The Reverse Pitch will return early 2025.

To find out more about the event click here