The Jam Festival 2024: Celebrating Dance, Diversity, and Talent


From April 2nd to 6th, dance enthusiasts from around the globe descended upon our electrifying extravaganza, The Jam Festival 2024. Set against the backdrop of pulsating beats and vibrant energy, this year’s festival once again, leaving attendees buzzing with its unparalleled celebration of underground dance culture.

The festival kicked off with a bang on April 2nd, with a new addition, as Dancers’ Career Development (DCD) hosted a captivating Inspiration Evening, featuring a stellar lineup of artists such as Bellatrix, Jamaal O’Driscoll, Niquelle LaTouche, and Max Revell aka Silk Boogie. Attendees were treated to mesmerizing performances, insightful discussions, and inspiring stories, setting the stage for an unforgettable week ahead.

Workshops and Battles:
Throughout the festival, attendees immersed themselves in a diverse array of workshops and battles, led by top-tier street dancers. From Afro to Litefeet, House to Hip Hop, and Popping to more, participants honed their skills and unleashed their creativity under the guidance of seasoned professionals. The battles between Let There Be Lite, New Kidz on the Block, and West Country Clash showcased the raw talent and competitive spirit that define the essence of underground dance culture.

Red Bull Dance Your Style:
A major highlight of this year’s festival was another addition with the Red Bull Dance Your Style Auditions which took place after WCC on Sunday 7th, a one-on-one street dance competition that pushes dancers to showcase their talent and versatility. With each track randomly selected, participants had to adapt their dance styles on the fly, captivating the audience and vying for the coveted title of Red Bull Dance Your Style champion. Regional auditions held across Swindon, Edinburgh, London, and Manchester set the stage for the UK Final in Manchester on July 27th, where one dancer will emerge as the Dance Your Style UK Champion, earning the chance to represent their country in the World Finals in India.

As the curtains close on yet another magical year of The Jam Festival, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all performers, participants, and attendees who made this event a resounding success. With its fusion of dance, diversity, and talent, The Jam Festival continues to be a beacon of inspiration for dancers and enthusiasts alike. Until next year, keep dancing, keep dreaming, and keep jamming!

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And the winners….

We are thrilled to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the exceptional winners who dazzled audiences and judges alike with their remarkable talent and passion for dance. Join us in celebrating their outstanding achievements:

🏆 Breaking Winner: @mac1.iwz
A master of the Breaking category, @mac1.iwz demonstrated unparalleled skill and creativity, securing a well-deserved victory that will be remembered for years to come.

🏆 U18 All Styles Winner: @kaichi_danceo
With boundless energy and versatility, @kaichi_danceo captivated hearts and minds, earning the title of U18 All Styles winner through their captivating performance.

🏆 Hip Hop Winner: @caine._oto
Commanding the stage with precision and charisma, @caine._oto emerged triumphant in the fiercely competitive Hip Hop category, leaving an indelible mark on the audience.

🏆 Popping Winner: @omni4reall
Exhibiting finesse and fluidity, @omni4reall showcased mastery in the art of Popping, captivating all who witnessed their performance.

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