SYDCo’s Filming Evening at Oxford Brookes University Swindon 

In a wonderful collaboration, SYDCo recently joined forces with Oxford Brookes University Swindon to bring forth a mesmerizing filming evening, showcasing the latest choreography by SYDCo leader, Emma Carter. The event unfolded in the unique backdrop of hospital wards and corridors, transforming these unconventional spaces into stages for the dancers to weave their stories. 

The evening was not just a dance performance but a testament to the innovative spirit of SYDCo, embracing the challenge of dancing in non-traditional settings. The choice of locations added a distinctive layer to the choreography, infusing the performances with a raw and authentic energy. The entire filming process was expertly handled by Maya, an ex-SYDCo dancer, whose keen understanding of the company’s style and vision brought out the best in each movement. 

 As the dancers gracefully navigated the hospital environment, the camera captured every nuanced step, creating a visual narrative that goes beyond the boundaries of a traditional dance performance. The synergy between the dancers, the choreography, and the filming process resulted in a truly immersive experience for both the performers and the audience. 

SYDCo invites everyone to witness the culmination of this artistic venture at Dance House from 22nd to 24th March at Swindon Dance. The two new pieces, born out of this collaboration, promise to be a testament to the creativity of SYDCo. Tickets are available now, offering a chance to be part of a dance journey that celebrates the spirit of innovation in the world of contemporary dance. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the magic unfold on stage! 

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