Introducing the Exeter Street Dance Programme

Prepare to vibe with Swindon Dance’s exciting new Street Dance Programme coming to Cornwall, Devon, and neighbouring areas this September 2024! Whether you’re aiming for a dance career or simply love the groove of Street Dance, the Exeter Street Dance Programme is here to nurture and uplift talented individuals aged 11-19 from diverse backgrounds.

Brace yourself for an action-packed agenda featuring Breaking, Hip Hop, Popping, and House styles every other Sunday at the vibrant DanSci Dance Studios in Exeter. Let’s dive in and learn from the best in the Street Dance world, including Olympic Breaker Sam Phillips and Krumping expert Kieran Ball. Swindon Dance is thrilled to provide young dancers with an opportunity to shine and flourish in the Street Dance community!



Introducing our Exeter Street Dance Programme, a dynamic training opportunity perfectly complementing our Exeter Contemporary Programme. Hosted at the lively DanSci Dance Studios, dancers will rock the floor every other Sunday from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Prepare to unleash your moves with lessons covering Breaking, Hip Hop, Popping, and House dance styles. Each session begins with a technique class, paving the way for exciting cypher sessions and funky choreography. Get ready to dance with passion!





We’re about to unleash a storm of authentic street dance moves in a fresh training scheme for young talents in Cornwall, Devon, and beyond! Picture yourself busting a move like never before, training under the wing of street dance legends like Olympic Breaker Sam Phillips, Krumping icon Kieran Warner, and a crew of other dance dynamos. Our history of moulding rising stars in Contemporary and Street Dance in Swindon speaks volumes, and now we’re spreading that magic down south to Exeter and the surrounding region. Our goal? To whip up a squad of street dancers ready to ride the industry wave with flair and attitude, crafting booming careers. Just take a glance at our Swindon Street Dance Programme alumni like the scene-stealing Frankie Johnson with Plague, the Litefeet maestro Kieran Warner leading the UK scene, and the brains behind JamFest & West Country Clash. Get set to rule the dance floor!




The CATs serve as gateways for aspiring dancers to access high-quality training without the hassle of long distance travel. We’re all about paving the way in pre-professional dance education, promoting best practices and exceptional training to all youngsters, no matter their situation. Our mission? Uncover and polish outstanding dance talent, making dreams come true with a supportive hand from the DfE grant scheme.

Swindon Dance’s Centre for Advanced Training is akin to a hub of dance excellence, standing proudly among nine esteemed UK National Dance CAT’s, supported by the Department for Education’s Music and Dance Scheme. Imagine, free or discounted training for some chosen talented dancers!

Our dance offerings currently boasts three awesome programmes: Swindon Contemporary, Exeter Contemporary, Swindon Street Dance, and Swindon Ballet, with a new kid on the block – the Exeter Street Dance Programme. Let the dance floor adventures begin!



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