Professional Contemporary

Join us for a brand new initiative at Swindon Dance as we launch a pilot program aimed at reinvigorating professional-level dance classes in the region!

These exclusive sessions are meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of seasoned dancers, with a strong emphasis on honing your technical ability and pushing the boundaries of your learning experience in the company of fellow artists.

During this pilot program, each segment will focus on a distinct aspect of dance, spanning from intricate floor work to the art of improvisation, delving into contact and release techniques, and exploring the renowned Cunningham-based methodologies.

Your journey will commence under the expert guidance of the exceptional Thomas Page, and we anticipate that, after the successful pilot, these classes will be led by illustrious guest artists who will bring their unique insights and expertise to the forefront.

Age 18+

Class dates: 9th + 23rd November & 7th + 14th December

Class fees are on a pay what you can basis:

Full Price: £10  /  Concession:  £8   /  or suggested donation: £6







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