Centre for Advanced Training

There are only 9 Centres for Advanced Training (CAT) across the country. These are a consortium of dance organisations that provide 11-17 year olds demonstrating exceptional potential in dance, with access to the best available teaching at top-class facilities alongside strong links with the dance profession. The CATs are supported by the Department for Education (DfE) Music and Dance Scheme (MDS) through means-tested grants. For those who qualify the training is free.

We run 4 CAT Programmes:


  • Swindon Street Dance
  • Swindon Ballet
  • Swindon Contemporary
  • Exeter Contemporary


Find out more: https://www.swindondance.org.uk/cat/







Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) Swindon Contemporary Programme

11-17 yearsGeneral

11.30am - 5.30pm

Price: Audition only - Grants available

Tutor: CAT Team

Telephone Number: 01793 601702

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