Youth & Community Performance

Our studio theatre also provides a launch pad for youth dancers and community dancers – including an annual Youth Dance House performance, our Youth Dance Academy Showcase and our seasonal Cabarets – a chance for our community dancers and groups to perform and show off their class routines and choreography.

Swindon Dance

 April 7, 2017



DeNada Dance Theatre present a gender-bending evening of seductive and provocative dance choreographed by Carlos Pons Querra.

Three short narrative works from this kitschy and filmic bill of contemporary dance with a very Spanish flavour – a true feast of meaty dance soaked in a salsa of passion.

Performed by an international cast of dancers, to a soundtrack of Latin vintage classics and Manuel de Falla’s El Amor Brujo, with stunning period costume and set by Ryan Dawson Laight and a perfect mix of dance, jamon and drama, these three explosive period pieces will excite adult audiences of all backgrounds.

Age guidance: 14+ due to partial nudity and scenes of a sexual nature

Watch a short trailer here:

Swindon Dance

 April 21, 2017



Where do you come from? How did you reach this lace in your life? Where are you heading? Where is home?

Soweto, late 80s. A young man struggles against the security forces, confronts tribal tensions and deals with the death of his own mother. He falls in love with a girl from the wrong neighbourhood and together they decide to run away from home and everything they have ever known…

Where is Home? is a universal tale, investigating themes of global human migration and displacement. In this quest for adventure, freedom and love, the characters seek their fortunes, experience war and oppression, fall in love, discover the price of fame, and travel to distant lands only to find that what they seek was right under their noses all along.

A new twist on a 1000 year old fable with choreography by Bafana Matea, Michael Joseph and Dumisani Ngubane alongside an original music score by Steve Marshall and Grammy Winner Wouter Kellerman with Costumes by Natacha Lascosse (Acossi Jeans NY).

Watch a short trailer here:

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