The Jam Festival

The Jam festival is a celebration of underground dance includes amazing workshops and events led by the dancers who were there at the genesis of ‘Jam!’ It is run in partnership with The Jam Movement, Your Next Move and Swindon Dance.

The Jam Movement a.k.a. “Jam!” /// Dance collective est. 2009 hailing from Bristol, UK & beyond; bringing people together & taking them beyond through jams, events & workshops…


The 2022 event

The Story 

Inspired by the social & cultural anthropology of various underground phenomenon’s – especially Hip-Hop & it’s use of music, dance, art & word – “Jam!” was created by Yoshi SBX in 2009, who started organising jams on the streets of Bristol, to empower & re-invigorate the local dance scene – regardless of age, race, sex, class, beliefs & so on – through the ethos of sharing, play & kinship with “each one teach one” being the main motto. Thus, a collective of dance artists were bonded, with an aim to help unite, build & sustain the heart, soul & spirit of dance culture with each other & their respective worlds.
Forever honouring the humble roots of its beginnings on the street, “Jam!” now also host jams & events in Bristol ’til this day, whilst helping other communities start-up their own projects across the country, while touring & battling at shows & events around the world, working with all who share the same passion & spirit of dance…

 We look forward to seeing you  at the next Jam Festival  11th to 14th April 2023