Online Platform

Coming soon 

Swindon Dance is creating a digital space where artists can share their work for audiences to enjoy. The online platform will give artists a stage to perform and the opportunity to share aspects of their work. Our digital platform is being developed with artists from our professional programmes, past and present.

You will be able to explore dance performance, screen dance, classes and behind the scenes footage. The ‘Online Platform’ is in the early stages of development. Later it will grow to have a members area. Our members’ area is for graduate and professional dancers and offers practical sessions and workshops led by artists supported on our professional programmes.

The site will be launching on the 28th of January 2021. Once live keep revisiting the platform for new performances, classes and footage. 




1. Body Politic. Them. Featuring performers Jackie Kibuka, Christina Dionysopoulou and Nicole McDowell. Photo by Camilla Greenwell.
2. Richard Chappell Dance. Still Touch. Featuring dancers Francesco Migliaccio, Iris Borras Anglada, Sharol Mackenzie. Photo by Gem Ward.
3. and Page Header: Edd Arnold. Tulips. Collaborator Connor Scott. Photo by Paul Phung.