Swindon Dance Social Media Challenges

We have launched a series of weekly challenges which we hope all our customers and followers will enjoy taking part in. As always, we encourage everyone to stay safe, be mindful of their surroundings and any other limitations they may have whilst taking part in this challenge 😊

Disclosure – Please ensure you have read the following points before starting the challenge:

  • A thorough risk assessment has been carried out on the space in which you are moving. More information on what this includes can be provided if needed. Swindon Dance can not be responsible for any personal loss or injury caused whilst participating in these challenges.
  • You are wearing appropriate clothing and footwear for physical activity
  • Do not take part in any challenge above your ability that could potentially injure/harm yourself or anyone else
  • Swindon Dance strongly recommends that you consult your doctor before undertaking any changes in your physical regime
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