Swindon Dance & Welcome Break

We are really excited to announce that our Salto! Inclusive Dance Programme  is being featured on one of the digital information screens at the M4 Welcome Break, Membury Services from TODAY and will run until 13th November. This includes our Salto! Youth Classes which are supported by BBC Children in Need.

Welcome Break is engaging  as many colleagues and customers as possible with the work that BBC Children in Need do, matching up each Welcome Break Site with a local Children in Need funded project.

Salto! Inclusive Dance Programme (Salto! Means to leap in Spanish) and are Weekly dance lessons for children and young people aged 7-16 who have a range of learning disabilities

Young people who attend the classes benefit from a specialist Dance teacher, three teaching assistants and a live musician!

Participants who attend the classes benefit from increased self-esteem, social skills and physical mobility as well as having lots of fun and making new friends

Salto! Youth Classes for aged 11-16 years will be restarting from Tuesday 3rd November and will run weekly until 1st December – click here for more info.  


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