October Intensive: Swindon Street Dance Programme

Today is the start of the October Intensive for our Swindon Street Dance Programme. Over the next 3 days, our students will be working with these fantastic guests: Chiara Romualdi, Monkey Flip Media and Chiara Stella Saporito.

Chiara Romualdi was born and grew up in Rome moving to London to pursue her interest in dance and visual art. Chiara combines internal groove with a dearth of HipHop foundational knowledge.

MonkeyFlip Media is a content creation company producing high quality cinematic visuals for artists, athletes, businesses and brands. MonkeyFlip specialises in but is not limited to capturing active and dynamic movement on camera – much of which is demonstrated by previous, ongoing and frequent work with dancers, sportspeople and fitness enthusiasts.

Chiara Stella Saporita growing up, Chiara, was the only street dancer in her hometown of Salerno, Campania, Italy. Having studied ballet and modern jazz in her youth, at 18, she discovered hip-hop and fell in love with the music.

“I never wanted to create my own dance tag because that’s just not cool, but a friend of mine gave me the name ‘Mash’ because of the way I ‘mash-up’ so many diverse styles. When it comes to my dance style, expressing myself is very important to me. I don’t like to say that I’m a house dancer. I don’t like to say I’m a hip-hop dancer. I don’t want to put myself into categories. I am a dancer coming from different backgrounds and cultures and who wants to express that in my environment now. I think that’s also very much what London is about. Connecting my dance to the community, culture and music is so important to me. Because likewise those things have made me who I am today.”
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