News on our phased return!

Swindon Dance phased return to our building June 2020

Our aim during this time is for our team and users to remain safe as we return to our building. We will do this slowly, one step at a time to ensure we have the required government safety measures in place before we open our building to the public once more.

Due to the uncertainty around the country’s recovery from COVID-19 this plan to re-enter our building may well chagne and adapt to remain in-line with changes in government guidelines for dance.

The return to our building will be covered in three phases listed below 

Phase 1 – 6th July to 31st August 2020

This phase of our action plan aims to increase our activities online and open the building a step further in preparation for in-house activities in the autumn. During this phase there will be a series of live online classes and activities either from tutor’s home or the ground floor studio in our building.

We will also use this time to confirm and prepare for programmes, classes and other activities in the autumn and lay out a plan of how and when these will be implemented.

Phase 2 – 1st September to December Christmas close 2020

During this phase we will be working towards a fully re-opened and functioning building.

Activities will be prioritised in-line with required government safety measures and our ability to implement them. The safety of our staff and users will always be put first and will define which activities are reopened in-house during the autumn. Alongside this will be a series of online classes and projects/events until we are able to fully open our building safely to the public once more.

Phase 3 – January 2021 onwards

Our aim for this phase is to return to a fully opened and functioning building.

More details will follow as the country re-opens fully post COVID-19.

For indepth details of each phase please click here 

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