News from Bradley Cull CAT Alumni

Bradley Cull was selected from a number of applications to be awarded  our Young Persons Choreography Opportunity –  He was a dancer on our Swindon Dance Centre for Advanced Training – CAT and is now studying at Wilkes Academy

The performance piece he has choreographed for ‘Different Pasts, Shared Future’ is about how people work together to get through the toughest times. “I wanted to show that people alone can be good, but together we can move mountains.” 

We look forward to welcoming him to Swindon Dance.

Different Pasts, Shared Future is a collaboration between Swindon Dance, The Harbour Project,Swindon City of SanctuaryPrime TheatreCreate Studios, local schools and organisations and is being performed at Swindon Dance on Friday 22nd June – to book tickets

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