Meet the Team: Emma Carter

Our Marketing Coordinator Lucy caught up with Emma Carter, Swindon Youth Dance Company leader, to find out a little more about her dance journey and connection to Swindon Dance:

Where did you train?
“I started dancing at Swindon Dance aged 11 years, trained full time on the Thamesdown National Dance Agency Foundation Dance Course for 2 yrs, then at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds, 3yr degree.”
How long have you worked for Swindon Dance?
“Since 2002, I worked full time in the Dance Education and Access team for 5 years, then moved to freelance. I’ve been leading Swindon Youth Dance Company for 6 years now.”
What is a fond memory you have of Swindon Dance?
“My community dancing days when I was young were brilliant at Swindon Dance. I loved being a Just For Kicks dancer, having opportunities to meet other youth dance groups and perform lots. .”
And finally, please share with us some fun facts about yourself
“I have a trailer tent and love to pack up and go off camping. I like poi swinging from anything to pois, pieces of string, scarves.. (although I only have a few basic moves!). I’m sure this isn’t a shock to many, that I can literally talk the hind legs off a donkey!🤣”
Thank you for your time Emma – it’s wonderful to have you on the team 😊
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