Class Participant is now a Qualified Les Mills Barre Instructor

Congratulations to long-term class participant and Swindon Dance supporter Andy Millin who has qualified as a Les Mills Barre instructor.

Andy’s journey with us started with tentative first steps in jazz led by Zoe and he enjoyed it so much that he has been attending ever since. He now does 2 jazz classes, ballet and tap every week!

Through his classes he achieved a life-long ambition to perform at the Wyvern and most recently completed the Les Mills Barre instructor training. Andy told us what drew him to this qualification

“It all started when my friend shared a taster video online…it looked fun, and I pestered her to bring the class to Swindon, which she duly did. I went along…loved the mix of ballet moves to modern music, and chatting after the class we got around to discussing the lack of guys in the program… can guess the rest!!! To begin with my weekend work with Cancer Research stopped me going on the training but then I found a course in Canterbury and figured I could work that around a holiday to Europe, so booked it.”

“Initial training is 2 x 10 hour days which jam packed: learning technique, coaching, safety etc and teaching the group for a single track for initial assessment. Part of the initial training is a complete run through of the class as a participant with the instructor correcting any technique issues. This is followed by a Barre challenge which is basically all the toughest moves, flat out for 45 minutes. It may sound like torture to some but we all really loved it. You then get 8 weeks to practise, learn the rest of the 30 min class and submit a full 30 min class video with participants for assessment. “

“One thing I really love about this experience is the new friends I’ve made. It was completely unexpected and they have offered help even when I felt I have nothing to offer them in return.”

“Why did I chose to embark on this? I know how good I felt after my first class…don’t get me wrong I was wrecked but loved it, and I wanted to share that incredible feeling with others. It has made a big difference to my fitness levels – I can now teach a 30 min class, full on with the harder options and still talk!!”

Well done from all the team here at Swindon Dance

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