Meet Holly DDP graduate

Holly recently graduated from our Level 6 Diploma in Dance Pedagogy, here’s what she says about the course:

“Before starting the DDP course, I mostly taught in what I now recognise to be the command style and my lessons consisted of a warm-up, followed by technique exercises and a routine. My aims were based solely around improving the learners’ technique and ability to perform on stage.
I did not have the necessary teaching experience and pedagogical knowledge to choreograph collaboratively and to allow the students to have creative control.
My development really started to take shape after observing a creative dance class at Swindon Dance. Observing this class allowed me to see a creative lesson being taught that included a set of tasks that enabled the learners to use the imagination and independence to create movemnet material. I immediately saw the learners were fully motivated throughout the class. This was the turning point in my teaching career.”

Since graduating Holly has implemented her new skills into her teaching and says
The consequences of these changes to my practise have been immediate and significant for my students. They have made increased progress and report increased enjoyment of the classes. From my experience throughout the DDP course, I have developed more meaningful relationships with my students. The students are now prepared to take risks with their choreography because they feel that the class is a safe space where experimentation is allowed and where it is acceptable to try and fail. In turn I believe that I am more comfortable in my role as a dance teacher and I am confident to be a facilitator of their learning.
The importance of reflection has been a valuable tool in this course. It has helped me to explore the most appropriate way for me to improve my practise and allowed me to appreciate the need for continued professional development”.

To find out more about our Level 6 Diploma in Dance Pedagogy click here

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