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24 Nov, 2018 19:30 - 21:00

Venue: Weston Studio, The Edge, University of Bath

Box Office:

£8 - £12


Wayne Parsons

‘Meeting’ and Vestige’

A double bill of dance-theatre where movement and text are seamlessly combined to create a truly distinctive approach to storytelling.

The touching duet, MEETING, sees a couple navigate the retelling a shared memory. VESTIGE, a collaboration with writer Ankur Bahl, is based on the life of a fictional celebrity named Livia. Fan-girl archivist Suki, needy portrait artist Cath and jealous biographer and ex-husband Killian all share their differing accounts of Livia as she weaves her way through their memories.

Presented in partnership with Swindon Dance, Bath Dance and The Edge Theatre.

This will be performed at  Weston Studio, The Edge, University of Bath. 

Book Online at www.edge-info@bath.ac.uk