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21 Jun, 2019 19:30 - 22:00

Venue: Swindon Dance

Box Office: 01793 601700



Triple Bill

A evening of performances from Thomasin Gulgec & Estela Merlos  and Ballet Works

Thomasin Gulgec and Estela Merlos:

Blind spots is a dance work about undoing habits and resistance. Exploring the idea of returning to something less familiar and more uncertain. Where space and time can encourage us to abandon expectations, feel more, and remind us of our playful pasts. In a world full of reactivity and immediacy, where are the elusive and forgotten ways to connect?  Created and performed by Swindon Dance Associate artists Estela Merlos and Thomasin Gülgeç in collaboration with interdisciplinary composer and performer Joseph Kay.



Ballet Works – World Premiers of two new pieces:

Edge Me Away –  Choreographed by Emrecan Tanis

This piece sets out to talk about the topic of population growth in today’s current society.  Choreographer Emrecan Tanis got his inspiration from the piece as he stepped off the subway in his hometown Istanbul.  After realising the number of people that migrate into cities in search of opportunities, he then went away to research the levels of city growth not only in Turkey but other major cities around the world.  It became apparent that as the population grows we lose or compromise the personal space around us, creating a claustrophobic feeling with the proximity of the people that we now share our space with.  With this work, we wanted to explore how we as individuals interpret and temper or react to these feelings/emotions through movement. How can or might people react? Do we welcome everyone in or should we fight for the space we have around us?  

Ugly Angel –  Choreographed by Louis Stiens

Within the work, Louis explores the path on which we take in life, whilst questioning the journeys we embark on. “Whilst listening to the experimental electronic music accumulated from tracks found online by Chicago based Dj Isti, I was overcome by a sense of uncertainty which provided a starting point on which to experiment with. I envisioned the moonlight and saw a genderless naked body, crawling exhausted from a long march, wounded, disoriented and sad”. The title ‘Ugly Angel’ describes the character of the scene and the enriched animalistic movements making the observer doubt how human he really is.