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29 - 11 Jul, 2022 11:00 - 20:00

Venue: Online

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Take Class online with Becky Horne

Improvise through spaces using temperatures, moods and weathers in this pre-recorded class. 

Becky’s improvisation class will lead you through a series of activities, inviting a full range of physicality through movement and stillness. With particular attention to how we sense and interact with our environment, this class offers an opportunity to try scores from her recent work WEATHERING. The explorations encourage listening and journeying through spaces, temperatures, moods and weathers. It can be accessed in whichever space is available to you and is suitable to be tried both inside and outside.
Be sure to follow your interests and receive, search and question what feel honest today. What did you notice? What brings you more heat?
Film – The Duke London
Filmed at Swindon Dance
30 Minutes
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Swindon Dance is a charity and Arts Council England – National Portfolio Organisation. This class was filmed thanks to funding from the Foyle Foundation. Becky was on the Young Professional Programme at Swindon Dance from 2020-22.