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1 - 31 Jan, 2022 00:00 - 23:30


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On-Line Yoga4Dancers

Our Yoga4Dancers Programme is a FREE on-line (YouTube) resource for young dancers, students, professional dancers, artists, choreographers and companies (non dancers also welcome).

 The aim of the programme is to give dancers and artists access to high quality yoga, free of charge that focuses on their unique needs and emotions.  We hope this resource will not only underpin an artists technical skills but also support whole body wellness and health. 

Led by Charley Logan the 10 classes consist of: 

  • finding a deeper and fuller breath and release from the intensity of our art-form. When thinking of ourselves gets left behind,
  • finding freedom and fluidity in our bodies. Warming up and preparing our bodies and focusing our minds for an audition, for research and development and for creative play, 
  • finding grounding especially when preparing for a performance, when we have lots of energy flowing, feeling excited, lots of adrenaline,
  • an evening wind-down, restorative session. Switching off into your ‘you time’ and
  • a short introduction to meditation.
  • Alignment
  • Yoga for tired muscles
  • Alternate nostril breathwork
  • Power flow
  • Yoga when you’ve had a bad day