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18 Feb, 2022 19:30 - 21:00

Venue: Swindon Dance

Box Office: 01793601700

£8 – £12


Thomas Page Dances – Relaxed Performance


An evening  of Dance from Thomas Page Dances.  The Evening will also include a ‘Canape – Art’ a  Walk-About from Levantes Dance pre and post show.

Thomas Page Dances – ‘A Moment’ 

‘A Moment’  is an intimate contemporary dance duet – Balancing on a knife-edge between  keeping the joy and losing everything, this piece delves into the complex emotions of two people living through the AIDS crisis in the 1980’s, when the UK was full of fear and ignorance. 

Moving through the themes of paranoia, intimacy and oppression two performers explore the emotional experience of what it was like to be queer in the 80’s before the inconic Princess Diana handshake with an AIDS patient which helped to de-stigmatise HIV/AIDS.





Levantes Dance Theatre ‘Canape Art- Dressed to impress, a delightful pair of exquisitely dressed women interact with the audience in a socially distanced manner. They are a roaming centrepiece, spreading colour and character wherever they go. The pair of female performers are dressed in exquisite identical costumes, make up and headgear. They create beautifully quirky scenes, gently inviting people to interact, enjoy and share their colourful and curious take on the world.


This Relaxed Performance is suitable for customers who find it difficult to cope with a traditional theatre atmosphere due to having learning difficulties or conditions such as those on the Autism Spectrum.

This performance may also appeal to parents or schools with children particularly sensitive to loud noises or who dislike the dark.

The performance is open to everyone, but there is a relaxed attitude to noise and movement and elements of the show will be adapted to suit the setting, for example, the lights will not be fully dimmed, the auditorium doors will remain open, members of the audience are free to leave the auditorium at any time if they  and loud noises or ‘scary’ lighting effects may be removed