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19 Aug, 2019 18:00 - 20:00

Venue: Swindon Dance

Box Office: 01793 601700

Adult Summer Dance

For ADULTS aged 16+ (online booking coming soon)

All classes taught at a General Level.  Booking in advance advisable.  All remaining spaces will be sold on the night of each class.

Book for 4 classes for £22.60/£15.60 conc*

Please book via the box office:  01793 601700


Monday 19th August

6pm – 7pm  Contemporary with Sarah Fletcher

7pm – 8pm  Jazz with Vicki Plomer


Tuesday 20th August

6pm – 7pm  Jazz with Vicki Plomer

7pm – 8pm   Contemporary with Sarah Fletcher


Wednesday 21st August

6pm – 7pm   Traditional Tap with Katie Purcell

7pm – 8pm  Ballet with Tanya Reilly

7pm – 8.30pm  Commercial with Ella Goodwin


Thursday 22nd August

6pm – 7pm  Percussive Tap with Katie Purcell

7pm – 8pm Ballet with Tanya Reilly