Booking & Prices

There are two kinds of classes — some are Pay-As-You-Go, others are Bookable.

All classes are Pay-As-You-Go except the classes listed under Bookable below

For Pay-As-You-Go classes, come along for the class and pay for it at Reception.

For Bookable classes, prior enrolment is required. You can join a class at the beginning or half-way through the term (in which case half the fee is charged), either in person, over the phone or by post. We accept most credit/debit cards. Please make cheques payable to Swindon Dance.




A Dance Card can be used for all adult pay-as-you-go classes and can be used for a mix of classes each week. Just bring your card every time you come to class and Reception will stamp it. When the card runs out, you can buy another.


Concessionary rates are available to those receiving state benefits.

  Price Concessions


45 min class £5.20 £3.60
60 min class £6.50 £4.50

Adult Dancecard (for ten classes)

45 min class £46.80 £32.40
60 min class £58.50 £40.50


Prices below are per term of weekly classes. You can join a class either in person, over the phone or by post. All fees are payable in advance.

Adult Classes

Salto! £44.00  
16th April – 21st May  £36.75  £24.50
4th June – 2nd July  £36.75  £24.50
Level 1 & 2 4th June – 2nd July  £32.50  £22.50

Children & Youth

Street Jam 5-8yrs £36.65 £25.65
Parents & Tots per term £28.50 £25.65
Ballet & Tap 30 min per term £40.00 £28.00
Ballet & Tap 45 min per term £48.00 £33.00
Jazz 30 min per term £40.00 £28.00
Jazz 45 min per term £52.50 £36.75
Tiny Movers 30 mins per term  £40.00 £28.00
Mega Movers 45 min per term £52.50 £36.75
phenoMENal Boys Youth  per term £52.50 £36.75
Just For Boys  per term £52.50 £36.75
Just For Kicks £52.50 £36.75

Young Dancers Programme

Youth Contemporary level 1, Youth Tap £52.50 £36.75
Youth Ballet level 1 & 2, Youth Contemporary level 2 £56.75 £40.00